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Winston is Sir Topham Hatt's red track inspection vehicle who will be introduced in Blue Mountain Mystery.

Bio Edit

After hearing Edward and Salty talk about how the Fat Controller used to travel in an open-topped carriage on his birthday, Winston was determined to find it. Winston was working with Thomas that day and he took the opportunity to look for the coach. After leaving Thomas to look for the carriage twice, Thomas made Winston travel in front of him. This ended in an accident when Thomas does not notice that Winston had slowed down. Thomas then asks Winston what he was looking for and the track inspection vehicle tells him. There, on an old siding, is the carriage. The two then bring the coach to the Sodor Steamworks to be mended and later surprise the Fat Controller with it...

Persona Edit

Winston is well meaning and fun, although not the brightest engine on the rails. He is helpful and really useful, but has a tendency to be easily distracted. Winston is sensitive enough never to draw attention to the fact that Sir Topham Hatt is a terrible driver.

Basis Edit

Winston is a Type 4B two seat Wickham Trolley.

Livery Edit

Winston is painted red. He has a gold nameplate on either sides.

Appearances Edit

Television Series Edit

  • Season 16- "Happy Birthday Sir!"

Specials Edit

  • Blue Mountain Mystery

Voice Actors Edit

  • Matt Wilkinson (UK)

Merchandise Edit

  • Take-n-Play (coming soon)
  • Wooden Railway (coming soon)