The CGI Flashbacks are shown when Thomas wants to know how bad an engine can be send away from Sodor.

A Scarf For PercyEdit


Percy told about his accident when he was trying to sneak up on the coaches and he crushed the baggage trolley and trousers, coats, shirts and jam flew into the air, and fell on Sir Topham Hatt and the passengers.


  • The Station where Percy has his accident is actually Wellsworth in the flashback scene, whereas in the episode, it was Tidmouth/Knapford.

The Sad Story of HenryEdit

Henry told how bad he was when he refused to leave the tunnel for didn't ruin his green paint with red stripes, Sir Topham Hatt was really cross with him, some workers built a wall in front of Henry.


  • That's the oldest flashback seen in the movie.

Down The MineEdit

after Henry's flashback, Thomas told how bad and naughty he was when he was shunting some freight cars in the mine and he pass the danger sign to see what happens if he pass, and he fall into a chasm.


  • Thomas' Driver is still on his cab when Thomas falls on the pit, and the freight cars are red and green instead of brown/black.